• Published: 06-12-2016
  • Written by: Laura Narayansingh
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acla:works’ Christmas Recipe: The Minimalist’s Tree



3D Rendering


The Recipie:

What You’ll need:


  1. 500 YRD of 12 LB Fishing Line
  2. 143 Sliver Tacks
  3. Clear Tape
  4. Mounting Tape
  5. 38” X 38” sheet of White Foam Core Board
  6. Scissors
  7. Measuring Tape
  8. 142 Glass Ornaments (must be light in weight)
  9. 1 Glass Star
  10. Plotter
  11. Ladder


Let the Merriment Begin! :

  1. Print acla:works Tree Plan + Elevation
  2. Plot the Plan on a 24” x 38” sheet of paper. As most plotters print a maximum width of 24”, you will need to separate the plan into halves and proceed to print each half separately.
  3. Lightly tape the halves to your 38” x 38” foam core.
  4. Using a pen or a sharp pencil, score the location of the ornaments on the plan onto the foam core.
  5. Remove the print.
  6. Cut 143 lengths of fishing line using the plan and elevation as your guide. Ensure that you separate the fishing line into batches based on their lengths to avoid confusion.
  7. Tie ornaments onto the 142 measured lengths and the star to the 143rd.
  8. Using the mounting tape, stick the foam core board to your ceiling. Ensure that you have 10’ of space from floor to ceiling. NB: Mounting tape works best in an enviroment that is not humid.
  9. Starting with the innermost scored ornament locations – using your clear tape, attach the shortest length of fishing line with ornament (which in this case will be your star) to the appropriate location. Tack your silver tack onto tape to reinforce.
  10. Continue this instruction moving outwards to the final + outermost scores.
  11. VOILA! Your acla:works Minimalist Tree is complete. 


Construction Chronicles...

Strung and ready to be hung!

Strung and waiting to be hung..

Tape , Tack!



And a few hours later.. (photo credit: LUMIS Photography)


A Merry Minimalist Christmas! (photo credit: LUMIS Photography)


... From EVERY Angle! (photo credit: LUMIS Photography)