• Published: 07-3-2016
  • Written by: Mandilee Newton
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caribbean office design trends

Caribbean workspaces are changing rapidly as the use of technology accelerates and the younger generations bring new ways of working. Whether developing a new office or redesigning an existing one, looking at current trends in the region can inform important decisions in the design process.


Here are 5 trends happening now in Caribbean offices.

1.  changing  technology

As computing devices proliferate, organisations are simultaneously reducing the traditional planning footprint and offering a greater diversity of spaces that promote both individual and group work.

2. Ergonomics

Organisations are paying greater attention to the long-term implications that poor equipment and furniture design can have on workers’ health and the organisation’s bottom line.

3. flexible workspaces

As Generation Y enters the workforce, they bring new habits and needs. For organisations to reduce costs associated with high turnover, greater attention is being paid to creating more satisfactory work environments.

4. variety

Organisations are understanding that people work differently, and this is being reflected in the number of new workspaces being designed to accommodate different work styles and practices.

5. Wellbeing

This includes good air quality, natural daylight, sustainability practices and spaces that inspire people to work.