• Published: 18-11-2015
  • Written by: Brian Lewis
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Creating value with good design

Good design is an investment. Skimping on the design process can cost more over a building’s life. Design fees account for a small proportion of the cost of a building and are insignificant when operational costs are considered. A study undertaken by our firm revealed that the architect’s fee is approximately 1% of the cost of a building over a 20 year period.

Now consider how to Profit By Design with a mere 1% investment. Begin by selecting an architectural firm with a track record for bringing design value to your bottom line, while meeting stringent time and cost constraints.

Good design maximises space and energy efficiency by reducing operational costs, while commanding greater value in the long term. Good design also promotes strong branding.

Consider the case of the Vintage Imports Wine Merchants shop, located at the corner of Damian Street, Woodbrook and designed by acla:works. This small building – a mere 50 square metres – on a tiny triangular corner plot, makes a statement about its purpose and context, in spite of the significant presence of the One Woodbrook Place development opposite. The design achieves success because it is an authentic interpretation of the business’ branding objectives.Every detail and surface has been carefully modeled to create the appropriate customer experience, redounding benefits to the business.