• Published: 07-3-2016
  • Written by: Brian Lewis
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how to hire an architect

Nothing is quite as exciting as starting a new commercial project, and nothing will impact the success of your project more than your choice of architect. The architect determines the design and function of your working environment and the financial costs involved in its construction. With considerable amounts of time and financial resources at stake, you want to ensure that your architect is the right fit for your project, budget and business. We recently published a report comprising eight critical points to consider when hiring an architect:

1. Search smart.

Use word of mouth and recommendations to begin sourcing potential candidates.

2. Meet & Greet.

Set up an initial meeting to outline your expectations and get a feel for the architect’s personality and communication style.

3. Meet your project architect on his turf.

Get a feel for his/her ways of working and the support team.

4. Discuss the project expectations and delivery process in detail.

Do not leave questions unanswered.

5. Inquire about 3D modelling.

It helps you to better visualise the end product and measure progress.

6. Inquire about other services.

Most architectural firms are able to provide a range of ancillary services that might be suitable to your needs.

7. Discuss fees and payment methods up front.

8. Tender for contractors and seek your architect’s counsel on this.