• Published: 08-3-2016
  • Written by: Leniqueca Welcome
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office renovation

rendering of office kitchen

final product


acla:works is a believer in ‘practicing what we preach’ and nowhere is this more evident than in our approach to office design. In 2006, when the firm moved to Algico Plaza, we broke away from hierarchal office planning and implemented an open office layout. Six years later, when the firm relocated to Fernandes Business Centre, the open plan was again the preferred layout thanks to its space maximising benefits and promotion of collaboration.

We have recently introduced further upgrades to our office design with the construction of two new spaces that promote socialising, learning and collaboration in a way that the former layout did not. Improved well-being at work, optimisation of real-estate, enhanced employee engagement, and the continued development of our brand and office culture were all impetuses for this initiative. The improvements featured:


• A newly designed in-office kitchenette/lunch area

This new space features a bar height table and is equipped with smart media technology allowing it to also be utilised as a relaxed conference space and standing posture workspace.

• A new library with lounge space

A semi-enclosed, shared space that can be used for quiet reading, casual meetings, private work, or even for a bit of rejuvenation time.


Both spaces are specifically designed with versatility in mind. They effectively capitalise on real estate and cater to the needs of a modern workforce that values diversity and alternative work styles in the office space.