• Published: 17-11-2015
  • Written by: Brian Lewis
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The design process

So you have in mind a commercial project, but you know that construction can be a risky business. A construction project is a major investment so you need a tried and tested process that will avoid the pitfalls that can lead to added expense and delay. Before beginning your project, ask yourself the following 10 key questions and score your response to each out of 10:

1. Do you have experience in building a commercial project and, if so, how did it work out?

2. Do you own the property you are planning to develop?

3. Have you considered all the options for use on your property?

4. How clear are you on exactly what you need, what it should cost, and how long it should take?

5. How confident are you that the type of project you are planning will meet your needs and expectations?

6. Do you have a budget, and are you confi dent that you have taken into account all cost elements?

7. How well do you understand the process that is required to get the project completed on time and within budget?

8. Are you aware of the legal requirements, codes and standards to be met?

9. Do you have a solid understanding of the approvals process, the requirements and regulations to be met?

10. How important is this project to you?


If your score suggests that you are not quite ready to begin your project, then you may want to consider completing a Needs and Options Review. This useful document covers the basics to help you get started. Contact any member of our team to procure a copy.

If on the other hand your score suggests you are confident to proceed, then you should understand the five-step process to ensure a successful project: