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acla:works HQ002

Much like the design of our former office, our current layout incorporates the same principles of modularity and open plan design. In addition, we adopted many of the mandates of adaptive reuse and sustainability, putting to practice various tenets by which we design. We have inhabited an old industrial building; we reused all of our existing furniture; incorporated caulk floors and exposed ceilings [using duct socks instead of traditional ducting]; we have a UV filter on our VAC system to purify our air supply; and we have maximised daylighting and views to the outside while minimising heat gain through solar tinting. We like to think of this space as a studio / workshop which is conducive to continued teamwork, collaboration and efficiency.

Project Client:  acla:works

Interior Designer:  acla:works

Area:  170 sq. metres

Location:  Laventille, Trinidad

Status:  Completed 2015