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The Underground City of Art

Looking to this privately vibrant yet publicly obscure culture as a means of economic diversification. Despite its nostalgia, Woodbrook is an exceptionally dynamic town. It is ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-captivating. Over the past few decades, we’ve witnessed its incremental urban transformation - originally residential ; now distinguished by a  strong commercial presence and nightlife, in particular, along the popular Ariapita Avenue. Notwithstanding this  evolution, Woodbrook has consistently been a veritable home of the arts. Pan yards, art galleries, fashion houses, mas camps, theatres,...

Walkable Woodbrook

In urbanized suburbs such as Woodbrook, where cars have a particularly negative impact, walkability would be transformative. How could this be achieved? Internationally renowned architectural critic Kenneth Frampton said it – cars are the bane of the 20th century. This is especially the case in small cities such as Port of Spain which sees an influx of up to 350,000 public/ private commuters daily (2005 data, Ministry of Works & Transport). In Trinidad we have a particular cultural addiction to private motor...

the shift to urban apartment living

Whether buying, selling, building or renting, there are trends in residential development that will be of interest to you. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, people have begun to view real estate differently. This article looks specifically at urban apartments, their features and their benefits in today’s increasingly urbanised world. By design, urban apartments are good for the environment. By concentrating dwellers close to the city centre, this results in less traffic, less pollution, less highways, and less use...